What is a Smart Label Printer

Prior to getting to know what a Smart Label Printer is, it is significant that we know first the basic information of what a label printer is. Label printers are being used to print on product labels and they are being used for a lot of different purposes. Label printers are commonly used on warehouses, distribution center, offices, small businesses, stores and are also being used by individuals who are into selling.

There are different types of label printers available on the market. Below are some of the major types of these label printers:

First type of label printer on the list is the thermal label printer which is used to transfer ink from ribbon to the label paper with the use of heat. Benefits of using this kind of label printer are that it is more efficient and less messy to use.

Another type of label printer requires the use of ink in order for it to be operated and is known as the inkjet label printer. Using this kind of label printer has the advantage of having high-quality prints for a very low-cost that is why it is recommended and designed for use for small to medium-sized businesses.

Industrial label printers are usually being used in distribution centers and factories. They are used primarily for high-speed and constant operation and are considered as heavy-duty machines.

Now it’s time for us to know about the Smart Label Printer. This particular brand or type of label printer is designed to get texts straight from the screen of the PC and to create professional labels to almost any kind of application. The ability to easily prepare customized formats for your own company logo along with post office approved bar code is another feature of the smart label printer. Without the need of having to use standard printers, the smart label printer is also able to mix and match fonts, graphics and also bar codes all on the same label. Here are some types of smart label printer available in the market to be purchased:

One type of smart label printer is the Smart Label Printer 450 or SLP-450 which has detailed graphics and bar codes on labels up to 54 mm wide and a 300 dpi resolution. This type of printer also has the capacity to print labels as fast as one label per second. Same with all types of smart label printers, this kind of thermal printer does not require the use of expensive ink, toner and ribbons and can work well with either Windows or Mac OS.

Smart Label Printer 440 or SLP-440 has the capacity to print up to 54 mm wide and requires Seiko instruments smart label to be able to print.

Known not only for its simple and sleek design, but as well as being one of the most affordable smart label printers, Smart Label Printer 620 or SLP 620 has the ability to print up to 33 address label per minute. This type of smart label printer is recommended to be used for envelopes, packages, jewelers’ labels, name badges, medical, industrial, school use, bar codes and many others.

Smart Label Printer 650 or SLP 650 is another type of smart label printer that has an auto loading front access feature and has the capacity to print up to 50 address labels per minute. Aside from that, this type of smart label printer does not require the use of expensive ink, toner and ribbons.  It also has a large selection of label styles and formats available that helps it to be able to print clean and sharp address labels.