Reasons Why Vimeo is a Better Video Sharing Site for You

Vimeo is speedily becoming both a very popular video sharing website and a social networking web page. It is a home for budding videographers to exhibit their films and normal movies to other filmmaking enthusiasts. The site is also well-known with just a few specialists as a place to exhibit their real work. Read this article and learn reasons why Vimeo is a better video sharing site for You?

Reasons Why Vimeo is a Better Video Sharing Site:

Accordingly of the Vimeo user base, the site is cleaner and has more popular content than most video sites. It’s not very common to submit a copy of your favorite show, which is quite popular on Google Video and YouTube. The majority of the content material is original video. There are still the copies and clips of general tv shows and movies, but the Vimeo staff does an excellent job of minimizing that type of content and promoting original content. Accordingly, Vimeo is a quite a fun way to find fascinating movies by filmmakers you have never heard of earlier.

Vimeo isn’t as huge as YouTube. But there are all the common features that permit you to rate as well as comment on movies, and Vimeo user actively uses these features.

No Restrictions on Video File Size:

Reasons Why Vimeo is a Better Video Sharing Site There is no maximum file size upload restriction at Vimeo, but, there’s a maximum 500MB uploading restriction per week, so the file size should not exceed 500MB. That’s with a free account; in case you pay to join Vimeo Plus the maximum weekly add limit raises to 5GB, the website does no longer display advertising and you also get a couple of different minor perks.

Vimeo may be very light on video production resources. Your video should be finished before you add it, considering there really are not any tools in the Vimeo interface to support you edit or alter it once it is uploaded. The website can receive a huge variety of file codecs for upload, though, so that you can make use of nearly any video editing application for your movies without disturbing about compatibility problems.


Vimeo is still maintaining the highest standard in the business of video sharing. So, I recommend all my blog readers to make use of Vimeo.Com for sharing your original videos and you can opt for a free or premium account as per your requirement.