Important Things to Consider When Buying Multi Function Printers

Things to Consider When Buying Multi Function Printers

Multi function printers can perform several tasks all of which are found in the same machine. If you are a student who wants the convenience of scanning, printing and copying, then this is the ideal thing for you. It easier to quickly copy notes from your classmate than writing it down or you can even scan it in pictures and later share it with family and friends. The printer companies have realized this, and are including important features.

When buying any printing machine, there is need to first determine what workload the machine will be performing. This is in terms of the number of pages you want it to do in a week. Another thing under workload is sharability. It could be that you want to share the machine with three or more people. If, for instance, you want the type that can print 400 pages in a month and which also can be shared and trusted to produce copies which are of high quality, then the laser type is your best bet.

Important Things to Consider When Buying Multi Function Printers

Another thing you ought to consider when selecting a printer is the cost ownership. Look at the cost of replacing the black and color cartridges. If you want to save money on cartridges, you can do this by looking at the capacity. You may opt to buy them in bulk or purchase the higher capacity ones. This saves you money in the long run.

Speed of a given machine is something that you should give consideration. This would again be determined by your workload. If you have smaller workload, speed may not be such an essential element. However, should you want to produce large amount of copies, you have to go for a gadget with quicker speed. You can do this by purchasing laser printers.

Media support is another very important feature. All inkjet printers have the capability of holding standard types of paper formats. These are standard envelopes, letters and legal formats. However, you may want to print of a special paper format. If this is the case, you need to check to ensure that the printer can work with your particular media.

Another thing is the print and scan resolution. The quality of the print or dots per inch is what is referred to as print resolution. On average, it is usually in the region of 4800×1200 dpi. If it is your intention to print large volumes of high quality copies, you will find scan resolution very important.

Connection is another important element of printers. Today, most printers do not come with cables. This means you have to purchase a cable of the right type as well as length so that it can reach your printer. Connection, I most cases is through USB, although others do have Ethernet ports which enable them to connect to a network. Should you have multiple computers which need to print on a certain printing machine, then a print server will come in handy.

Dimension of a machine is also an important element especially where there is apace consideration. Some printers load papers from the bottom of a tray, yet others load the media from its top. You will require additional space for multi function printers to enable them to open so as to allow copying and scanning.