Flipkart Review for Online Shoppers in India

This is an honest Flipkart review helping online shoppers in India to make purchase decision. Flipkart has become very quickly one of the best online shopping sites in India and now they have almost all kinds of branded and genuine gadgets for sale. Along with the electronic gadgets, their website is just a virtual super market where you can buy clothing, footwear, beauty products, baby care products, sports items and kitchen appliances as well. Now they have also started an e-book store and paid mp3 downloads for their customers. The mass popularity gave them the brand of India’s online megastore!

Flipkart Review and How to Purchase:

It is very simple and everything will be over within 2 or 3 minutes after you decide to go for that particular item. If you have got in any trouble, the below steps may help you out. If you want to know all these easy steps, then scroll down to read the rest!

1. Choose the product and in the product page, click ‘Buy This Now’.

2. The item has been now added into your shopping cart and it will be shown in the pop-up window.

3. Now click on the ‘Place Order’ button in that pop-up window.

4. A new page will ask you to login if you have an account there. Flipkart doesn’t force you to create an account, so you can just enter your email id and click ‘Continue’. Please note that you should enter your original email id as all further communications will be through that email id.

5. Now your job is to give the address where you want your product to be delivered. Be careful when giving the PIN code and your mobile number. After the product has come to the nearest courier office, the guys will call you on the number you provided in that box, so always give your primary mobile number and make it switched on always.

6. Click ‘Save and Continue’ to get the order summary and this is the place you will be stuck if your area is not deliverable by Flipkart. If Flipkart doesn’t have service in your area, you can try changing the address and give another address of your relatives who live near to highways. Because Flipkart doesn’t have service in rural areas.

7. Now, the important part is making payment. There are Net Banking, Credit/Debit card and also Cash on Delivery as payment options. You can decide to make credit/debit card payment, then make sure your internet connection is in good condition. Because if the ‘net connection is disconnected in between the transaction, your amount would not be credited to Flipkart but it may be debited from your bank account. This makes a silly trouble for you as it will take a few days to get that money back on your account. Furthermore, continuous disconnection of internet while the transaction processes can make your credit/debit card blocked and then you will have to contact your bank personally for getting it back.

8. Finally hit ‘Place Order’ and you are all done. A confirmation email will be sent to your email id and you will also get a SMS on the number you provided while placing the order. You will receive your product within 4 working days for sure.


Flipkart packs stuff in standard brown paper cartons. It’s very safe, easy to open. No endless duct tape and multiple layers like Snapdeal’s.

Replacement and Exchange Policies:

Unfortunately if you get a defective product, you can return it to Flipkart to get a replacement. The 30 days replacement policy of Flipkart ensures this and it will be done with no extra cost of delivery. However if the product is damaged because of your careless dealings, then you will not get any favor. If the item gets damaged when you open it for the first time, then you should send it back to Flipkart in the same condition within 30 days. Once you request a replacement and Flipkart accepts it, the courier service provider will collect the product and they will do the rest for you without any cost. In case of clothing and footwear, if you are not satisfied with the item, then you can request an exchange within 30 days. You should not damage or wash the item if you need an exchange for a clothing or footwear.

Order Cancellation:

If you want to cancel an order which you have placed recently, you can do it any time before the item has been shipped. You can’t do it after the item is shipped from the store. Your full amount would be given back to the account you used to make the payment.

Hear What the Buyers are Saying:

In a product page, you can see the product reviews which are written by the buyers. If the review is from a certified buyer, you can trust his/her words. Because Flipkart gives ‘Certified Buyer’ label if and only if he/she has purchased that particular product. You can also see the product rating voted by the buyers. All buyers must look at these user reviews and ratings before purchasing anything.


Flipkart does not pride in personal touch. It gives off an undeniable sense of efficiency. It is just like a large humming machine that you have come to trust. I have used Flipkart 8-9 times in last six months and every time it is very pleasant experience. I know all the talk about its operational losses is crap, business continues to stay float with number one ranking as the most trusted shopping site in India. There are many shopping sites in India but Flipkart is the best in terms of price, product quality, packaging, delivery, easy to order and the customer service. Every effort has been made to find out the best shopping site in India considering all aspects. Visit Flipkart.Com for easy shopping and come back to this post with your honest valuable comments to help all online shoppers in India.