Why Would You Consider Using GoDaddy Over Their Competitors?

Consider Using GoDady Over Their Competitors

If you’re thinking about starting up your own blog or website for your business, GoDaddy might just be the place to look. GoDaddy is a web hosting company that allows you to create your own website from scratch and use them to host your domain name. Here’s a review of their services, and why one might decide to go with GoDaddy. Read this article and know why somebody would consider using GoDady over their competitors.


GoDaddy has an awesome free month trial that you can sign up for. The free month trial allows you to get your feelers in for how GoDaddy works and can help you make that ultimate decision of whether you want to work with them or not. Once the free trial is over their .com domains start at only $2.99 a month, which is a great value.

Many of Godaddy main competitors start off at a much higher rate per month. Some starting as high as $19.99 a month. So, GoDaddy’s price range is right on target, especially if you’re a small business or blogger on a budget.

Also, under their promo section they offer monthly promos to help you start your website at an even better price. For instance, right now they have a promo for domain + website + email for $1 a month with a 1 year contract.

Online and Phone Support

If you’re someone that is not technologically inclined and don’t have a tech team at your beck and call, the amount of support that you receive from GoDaddy is very valuable to setting up and running your site. They have 24/7 support available to you, whether you would prefer to use internet chat or make a phone call. This can help when needing support for setting up the site itself, installing WordPress, or just the everyday basic maintenance and upkeep of your site. Having this anytime support means that there is always someone on the other end who is able to help you in case of a late night emergency.

Another way that their support is useful is if you already have a domain site hosted elsewhere, and you need to transfer it over to GoDaddy.com hosting. Through their support services this can be an almost seamless process. It makes life much easier when you have the full support of the company you are switching to.

Easy Navigation of C Panel

Consider Using GoDady Over Their Competitors

Unlike some of their competitors, GoDaddy has an incredibly easy C Panel (control panel) to navigate. Many of their competitors C Panels are convoluted with confusing content, and leave you wondering where you should go to set up and maintain your website. GoDaddy’s C Panel is straight forward and easy to use.

The C Panel is also very friendly to the eyes. Using spacious white background and easy to understand buttons, it makes understanding where you need to go much easier.

Allows Cancellation if You’re Not Satisfied

GoDaddy allows you to cancel if you’re not satisfied with your domain or services, and you can cancel at anytime. You’ll receive a 45 day full refund on everything except for the actuall URL that you purchased. The reason for this is because when you sign up with them you get your URL free with the contract, so when you cancel you then have to pay the price of the URL you purchased.

Month-to-Month Payment Options

GoDaddy has a payment plan that allows you to pay month-to-month, unlike many of their competitors. This can be very beneficial to someone that does not have the financial means to pay for an entire year right up front. The downside to this is that there are no month-to-month options for the Economy package, so someone that chooses to pay monthly will have to go with either the Deluxe or Ultimate plans, which are pricier than the Economy plan.

Economy Plan

For someone that owns a small business, GoDaddy provides enough data for your site to keep it up and running smoothly. They offer 100GB of storage, one hosted site, an unlimited amount of monthly data transfers, and 100 email addresses. Most small businesses don’t require anything more than is allowed, so the Economy Plan is perfect for the small business owner.

The Deluxe and Ultimate Plans

The Deluxe Plan adds to the Economy Plan. With this plan you get unlimited storage, 500 emails, and unlimited web hosting. The Ultimate Plan adds to both plans and goes even further. It allows 1000 email addresses, a one-year SSL certificate, and also a top notch DNS Management Tool.

Why Would Somebody Consider Using GoDady Over Their Competitors?

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars and best web hosting in the country. They own rights to more than 61 million domain names, which means that if the domain name that you want isn’t being used for another website, chances are that GoDaddy already owns it. Many times, while choosing their competitors, people come up against a brick wall because of the domain name that they wish to use. Even if a certain domain name is not in use, if it’s owned by GoDaddy it cannot be purchased through another hosting site.

Going back to their pricing, their prices are very comparable if not better than their competitors. Also, since they offer promos all the time they add more value for your dollar.

As mentioned earlier, compare to their competitors GoDaddy’s C Panel is relatively easy to use. It isn’t filled with hard to understand names and options. It’s pretty straight forward and allows you to take your time understanding the more technical terms that are required to running your website smoothly.

In 2011 they won the “Best Security Team” rating with SC Magazine because of their top notch security services. The magazine does a yearly award to businesses that work hard at fending off cyber security threats in corporate America.

In essence, GoDaddy is a strong entity in the world of website hosting. They’ve been around since 1997 and host over 13 million customers. With their long track record, the experience that GoDaddy has to offer is a very valuable asset to any company.

I recommend all my blog readers to use Godaddy for their new and existing sites.

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