Do Buying Multiple Domains Can be Good for Your Business?

Buying Multiple Domains

Businesses typically use one single domain name for their online tasks, but then, more questions pop up: Search engine optimization, Infringement, Future of the business, tracking online competition… If purchasing multiple domain names replies many of those questions, there is a method to do it. Here’s how, so read this article and learn do buying multiple domains makes any sense at all.


If I were a Spanish photography company, I’d be intrigued with using or (since Spanish is my language). The trouble is that both are already filed and if the former is already in use, I Had not dare ask the latter if he had sell “” to me.

The trouble with a common “.com” domain names is that.. they are all taken; contemplating getting one needs time and — A LOT — of cash. The. GDN is new types of domain name extension which means “Global Domain Name” and it’s quite comparable to one may have of a “.com” name. In our instance: “photography. Gdn” is available for enrollment as a Superior domain name and picture.

“Non English key words”: the chance

It is quite hard to locate generic domains in English but it is easier to discover some other languages: many new gTLD Registries have largely addressed their customers in English and after that have procured a string of domains called “Premium domain names”. I simply attempted “photography. Gdn” (photography in French) and the same happens: it prices less than three dollor to register the domain name.

Search engine optimization for practically nothing

Regardless if you select a “. Gdn” or a “.com” domain name for the SEO, Google actually makes no change; yet it can make one in accordance with the number of do follow links that point to your primary website! The better, the more links.

When selling online, it starts to make sense to register multiple generic domain names, compose one webpage to introduce a merchandise for every new name and just create a hyperlink that points to your main web site by company (where all the products can be found for sale). When buying an internet site domain name, a web page is offered by many Registrars! With regards to price, it suggests that it may cost you less than $3 for one year of natural search engine marketing (comprehend “automatic Search Engine Optimization”) for a small piece of writing.

Do Buying Multiple Domains Makes Any Sense An investment

Generic domain names are not only a tool to identify an internet site on the net or a tool for Search Engine Optimization, they can also be an investment. WalMart recently declared plans to buy eCommerce website for $3.3bn. It is important to keep in mind that the domain name in the first representation of this online business if this example is not about a web site domain name only. On the list of the priciest domain names ever bought, almost all of them are drugs that are generic, and costs are up to $36 millions.

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