Why to Buy from Microsoft Store – Windows PC to Office 365

Microsoft does pay attention on “Signature PCs” which you could buy from the Microsoft store. When you buy a computer from the Microsoft retailer — both of Microsoft’s physical shops, or the Microsoft retailer on-line — you’re guaranteed to get a “Signature version” of that laptop. Microsoft controls the program that ships on these PCs, and they strip out the bad stuff to make sure you have a clean windows copy with simplest valuable utilities and drivers. Read this article and learn why to buy from Microsoft store?

Why to Buy from Microsoft Store?

Why to Buy from Microsoft Store So, if you wish to have a secure windows computer, buy it from the Microsoft online store or physical shop. And be sure that Microsoft offers a large variety of Windows PCs. Avoid those home windows hardware manufacturers from messing matters up too badly. Microsoft will guarantee you a clean windows copy in the event you go through them. You would also just reinstall windows to your new PC, too. On a new home windows 8 or 8.1 laptop, this should be less complicated than ever. Which you can download the windows installation media straight from Microsoft to create a home windows 8.1 disc or USB drive with the brand new update and set up it on your new computer. Brand new windows PCs more commonly have their product key embedded in the UEFI firmware, so you don’t need to enter a key during installation.

No, you actually can’t reinstall windows out of your pc’s recovery partition and even Refresh or Reset it. That’ll simply bring all the junk ware again.

Certainly, you could also build your own Computer from scratch and set up windows on it whilst you get your hands on it. However, good luck to building your desktop from scratch! Quite, it’s a lot less difficult to simply order your next computer from the Microsoft store and skip all this.

Keeping Computer Secure is a Difficult Task:

Why to Buy from Microsoft Store Getting a laptop that isn’t filled with junk that spies on you and opens huge protection holes is not adequate. But it’s now not only a problem whilst you buy a PC. You’ll need to preserve dodging this terrible software because download sites and windows freeware authors want to smuggle this unwanted application onto your PC. That’s how they make their cash.

And sure, there’s it sounds as if one other tip now — don’t simply purchase a PC from a retail retailer or ordinary hardware vendor. Get a Signature PC from a Microsoft store or at least be certain to reinstall windows instantly while you get it.


It should be kept in mind that Microsoft only sells products that are genuine and the company will never spoil its image with a cheap quality product.

Microsoft online store sells many quality products such as Office 365, Lumia 950XL, Xbox, etc. I recommend my blog readers to buy products from Microsoft store.