Beginners Guide: How to Start a Blog of Your Choice

Beginners Guide: How to Start a Blog of Your Choice

Mostly I get a query from my blog readers who wish to start a niche blog. So if you’re also one of them, then this guide is specially written for you. So continue reading this article and find out how to start a blog of your choice.

It is always much better to have your own blog than to share content on other people’s site. Considering the fact that over time the blog can get you with incomes, identify, and appreciation from readers and it’s going to improve your ingenious aspect as well. Or else, if you send your useful content material to many bloggers like us to put up on our site, but you could not get the monetary benefits of your time and effort, which you deserve.

How to Start a Blog of Your Choice?

There are a number of blog platforms for you to start the first blog. However the most advocated blogging systems are Blogger.Com (powered by Google) and self-hosted WordPress blog.

Who should Actually Make Use of Blogger.Com Platform?

One who needs to have a blog at zero cost does no longer need to get concerned in the technical part, hobby blogger or you should use this platform for some time to get acquainted with strolling a blog world after which switches your Blogger blog to WordPress.

Who should Make Use of WordPress Platform?

Beginners Guide: How to Start a Blog of Your Choice

In case you are okay to spend some cash. Nevertheless, that money will provide lots of cool factors which in the flip will drive more visitors and money. You should utilize WordPress, if you want to make a reliable blog or want to blog significantly as a career.

My Worst Personal Blogging Mistake:

After running a blog on Blogger.Com for 5 to 6 years I came to know that numerous professional bloggers are endorsing WordPress over blogger.Com. But I actually did not pay any attention to their recommendation. The reason I didn’t try WordPress because the Blogger.Com blog didn’t cost me anything. Ultimately, my blog went down because of violation of their terms and condition, then I thought it was time to have a self-hosted WordPress weblog. If I am asked to recommend a blogging platform, without any hesitation I will suggest WordPress. The WordPress offers a long way more factors than blogger.

How to Set Up WordPress Blog:

1. The very first thing you need is a domain name of your choice and hosting account. If you are a newbie and want to keep everything simple it is advised to get domain as well as hosting bought from same provider.

2. Picking a correct domain name: I might opt for a domain name which is convenient to spell, catchy, effortless to keep in mind, and includes the “keyword” which is an aspect of the niche/topic on which I am going to blog about.

3. Website hosting providers: There are more than a few choices that you simply would decide on like Godaddy or Bluehost. All these businesses are excellent in the market in terms of service and their customer care is always superb. These providers will help you out on many issues that you face.

As quickly as you make the payment you’ll get login details from your hosting provider. Now we need to install the WordPress hosting panel if you want to also be performed within 30 minutes, however for you it can take round 1-2 hour as you need to be proficient few matters on the way in which that are going to support you in the future.

4. Installing WordPress:
a) One click on WordPress installation:
Login into your cpanel with the (username and password) received for your email after you accomplished your buy. Learn how one can set up WordPress using cpanel.

What Can Be Added to the Blog Later On?

I suggest utilizing free theme in your very new blog. Just try hard to save some cash at initial set up, since you can have premium theme installed them later on. I also don’t endorse investing hard earned cash on keyword research tools if you are just new, better use free Google keyword planner. Instead, you can invest some of your cash to get articles written for you, in case you are unable to do so.

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