6 Awesome Features of Hostgator Will Make You Use Their Service

Awesome Features of Hostgator

Every contemporary business requires a business, for this reason, it’s important that you settle for superior web hosting service. It does not matter whether you are a fully-fledged business or a simple setup that you recently started. The following Hostgator web hosting review is the ultimate solution for your needs based on their comprehensive service packages and their affordable pricing schemes as well. Read this article and learn 6 awesome features of Hostgator will make you use their service.

While HostGator might be providing both virtual private and dedicated server packages, its shared packages are some of the main reasons the company stands out from the conventional web hosting services. To be specific, the shared packages are excellent and have tailored to suit the needs of a developing business that wants to make an impact in the consumer market. Best of all, the service package is also simple to use and is, therefore, an outstanding solution.

6 Awesome Features of Hostgator:

 Awesome Features of Hostgator Will Make You Use Their Service

1. Web hosting packages

Hostgator provides a broad spectrum of monthly service packages, but encourages users to sign up for their long-term packages. Besides that, it also provides Windows, and Linux based shared hosting packages that are ideal for small business that aims growth in the consumer market. Additionally, they also have a hatching plan that starts at $10.95 and provides unlimited disk space, databases, email, domains and bandwidth as well for your unique business growth needs. Hostgator also provides Linux based hosting that averages at $20.5 and have more power for websites that expect high traffic volumes or specific compliance requirement that prevent users from accessing the shared servers. The cheapest VPS plan that you will come across include the Snappy 500 that starts with 512 MB ram and 25GB disk space. The most advanced can be regarded as the Snappy 800 that provides 8GB of ram and well over 200GB of ram.

2. WordPress hosting

Hostgator slows its users to install the WordPress content management system into any of the servers their service plans, including the dedicated and VPS hosting plans as well. Besides that, they also offer well over three levels of managed WordPress web hosting services including the standard, starter and the business packages as well. To be specific, the starter package is offered at 14.95 and offers well over 20,000 visits per month and allow one to host one WordPress based website with well over 50 GB of storage and unlimited database and email space. The standard package that averages at 21$ provides added benefits including well over 250000 unique visits each month and well over 100 GB Of disk space as well. This superior type of WordPress hosting is highly beneficial since it provides users with unlimited visitors, domains, emails and server storage as well. Besides that, the WordPress theme is simple to set up on host gator even if the user does not have the managed WordPress route. The customer service section comes with an option referred t as the quick links that lead to a dedicated interface for integrating any new web management applications.

3. Simple email management

Hostgator review

The main goal of having a web presence for your business is that you can be able direct traffic to your site. For this reason, Hostgator hosting plans provide special email accounts when one signs up for their services. The added benefit is that one can have a simple time setting up the account based on the superior Hostgator network capabilities for your unique web management needs. Aside from all that, HostGator also allows its users to set up mailbox specifications, and it also comes with an inbuilt password strength meter, which is highly significant. However, one noteworthy aspect of their services is the fact that they do not have antivirus protection or perhaps some form of virus scanning to help the user with their unique web management needs.

4. E-commerce tools

Another important aspect of Hostgator web hosting plans services is that they provide various email-advertising functionalities such as Dada Mail that start at $35 and is a software that allows users to send emails and newsletters to subscribers at an affordable price. Furthermore, web browsers will also appreciate that Hostgator hatchling also has e-commerce packages such as Magento and PHP coin and Zencart as well. The drag and drop user interface allow users to create an exclusive online store that provides various online storage options.

5. Superior uptime result

Website uptime is regarded as one the excellent aspects of settling for a given web hosting web service. For instance, when your site goes down, or when perhaps clients are unable to access your services or products. When it comes to uptime testing, you might only try to access the website at specific time intervals to determine whether you can rely on the website for your needs.

6. Excellent customer service

Similar to most web hosting service providers, HostGator hatching provides around the clock telephone support and an online web chat interface whereby you can easily access other users. Once you dial up their designated phone staff service line numbers and inquire about any of their website or WordPress services, then you will appreciate knowing that the team of staff is ready and willing to accommodate your unique needs. More so, HostGator also provides dynamic chat options that allow you to simply type a question into the chat form and initiate a conversation with other users. They have timely responses, and they can also provide simple instruction on how you can import the entire blog. Additionally, Hostgator also has an in-depth knowledge base that contains answers to every unique question that you may have for your unique web management needs.


Overall, when all factors are taken into consideration, it’s important that you always make an informed decision before investing in any webs hosting web service provider. In this way, you can receive the ideal value for money and reduce the likelihood of any buyers remorse that can occur as a result of poor choice making. Hostgator lets you avoid such a challenging process since it provides you with all the essential features and benefits that you might require for your unique web hosting regime.

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